Microfiber towels are the first choice for cleaning cars

Towels are closely related to our lives and are one of the essential items in people's lives. Before the science and technology is not developed, the production process is not advanced, its quality is very poor, and people are very harmful to the skin when using it. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the process continues to improve, its quality and performance are getting better and better, the advantages are:

First, good texture, strong water absorption, it uses orange flap technology, so that the surface area of the fiber increases, once placed in the water, it will use the pores to absorb water, and feel very comfortable when wiping the skin.

Second, do not remove hair, do not fade color, which is a lot of products can not do. This synthetic fiber is of good quality, not easy to break, good weaving technique, and not easy to fall off; It adopts TF-215 dyeing process, which can meet the strict standards of the international market and easily does not fade.

Third, easy to clean, decontamination ability is good, loved by many people.

Post time: Jun-29-2023