• Professional Knowledge Of Microfiber Towels

    Professional Knowledge Of Microfiber Towels

    The invention of microfiber cloth Ultrasuede was invented by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto in 1970.It's been called an artificial alternative to suede.And the fabric is versatile: it can be used in fashion, interior decoration, automobile and other vehicle decoration, as well as i...
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  • Why are microfiber towels so amazing?

    Why are microfiber towels so amazing?

    Why are microfiber towels so amazing?Microfibers are highly absorbent due to their interstitial space and allow water to dry quickly, thus effectively preventing the growth of bacteria.So what are its characteristics?  Superabsorbent: The microfiber uses the orange flap technology to divide the f...
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  • 29 things to help you avoid messy cars into total chaos

    Clever organizers, convenient trash cans, useful cleaning supplies, and other great vehicle products you wish you already own. We hope you like the products we recommend! All of these are independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you decide to buy from the links on this page, Buz...
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  • How to choose the towel with high cost performance?

    How to choose the towel with high cost performance?

    Appearance: Good towels are soft and bright in color.Whether printed or plain towel, as long as the material is exquisite, exquisite workmanship, must be very beautiful.A good towel has a clear pattern and looks very textured at a glance.                                                          ...
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  • What tools do you need to clean your car?

    What tools do you need to clean your car?

    1.Microfiber towels:because the organization is very delicate, never damage the car when cleaning the car.The product has super water absorption capacity, water absorption capacity is 610 times that of ordinary towel, is 23 times that of deerskin towel. The car towel in the car wash, will not be...
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of microfiber towels

    The choice of towel material is very important, the superfine fiber towel does not shed hair, does not decolorize, has the super good skin-friendly sex, therefore is sought after by the consumer in the market, so, in the end is the superfine fiber towel good?What are th...
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  • According to customer reviews, the 10 best cool towels in 2021

    The cooling time after a workout is an important part of any fitness routine-but it turns out that staying cool throughout the workout is equally important. Science shows that lowering body temperature can extend exercise time, thereby improving exercise performance. Many professional athletes an...
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  • What are the raw materials of microfiber towel?

    What are the raw materials of microfiber towel?

    Superfine fiber towel is a kind of high quality and high technology textile raw material. Superfine fiber towel is made of polyester and brocade composite produced from imported polyester and brocade particles. Microfiber filament is standard 8020 high quality polyester and brocade composite fila...
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  • Microfiber towel can ‘breathe’

    Microfiber towel can ‘breathe’

    Superfine fiber terry cloth has good softness, deerskin imitation appearance, good dryness, peach skin velvet effect, good verticality and excellent splitting performance. This kind of material is widely used, and can be widely used in clothing, cleaning, wiping, artificial leather and other prod...
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  • Which kind of gloves are suitable for car washing?

    Which kind of gloves are suitable for car washing?

      Car washing is not difficult, but you can make the job much easier by buying high-quality cleaning gloves. Add a little soap, a bucket or two and some water, and you can have a shiny, clean car. Check out our selection of products to find the best car wash gloves on the market.   Chenille micr...
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  • Hair drying microfiber towel

    Hair drying microfiber towel

    When it comes to post-bathing habits, the usual practice is to simply pick up the nearest towel and let it dry. However, the towel you choose may mess up your hair, especially if the hair strands are not straight. Microfiber towels are often praised to speed up the drying time of the hair, and f...
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  • What do you use to wash your car?

    Car wash water pipes: There are special car wash water pipes on the market, which can be divided into nylon and hard pipes according to different materials, and are equipped with sprinkler faucets. The car owners only need to connect the water pipe to achieve the high-pressure water spray effect ...
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