• Gift towels support flexible customization

    Gift towels support flexible customization

    More and more enterprises, began to recognize the gift towel. This is the latest way to promote, and through the exquisite, practical towels, we also reap very significant advertising economic benefits. Let many consumers, through a small towel, to understand, recognize ...
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  • Receive Spanish customers

    Receive Spanish customers

    On February 23, 2023, the Spanish customer came to the company for a field visit. Our high quality products and services, strong company qualification and reputation, good industry development prospects, are the important reasons to attract this customer visit. The repre...
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  • How do you identify microfiber towels

    How do you identify microfiber towels

    The true absorbent microfiber towel is made of polyester polyamide mixed in a certain proportion. After long-term research and experiments, the absorbent towel suitable for hair and beauty was made. The mixture ratio of polyester and nylon was 80:20. The sterilized towel...
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  • What towel is better for wash car

    What towel is better for wash car

    Now cars are very popular, but what about washing cars? Some people may go to the 4s shop, some people may go to the ordinary car beauty cleaning shop, it is certain that there will be some people wash their own car, the most important thing is to choose a good car wash ...
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  • Super absorption microfiber towel

    Super absorption microfiber towel

    This is a car beauty, car maintenance essential towel,super absorption and soft,good care of car. This is a number of times to use no hair, no fading color, wipe no trace of the special towel! This product is made of 100% microfiber, does not contain any chemical drugs, ...
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  • Why Microfiber ?

    WHY MICROFIBER? I am sure we have all heard about microfiber. You may or may not use it, but after you read this you will never want to use anything else. Let us start with the basics of microfiber. What is it?  Microfiber is fibers usually made up of a blend of polyester, nylon and microfiber po...
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  • Did you know Microfiber ?

    MICROFIBER: DID YOU KNOW? You wouldn’t use scissors to mow a football field, would you? Your hands or the scissors would give up long before you ran out MICROFIBER: DID YOU KNOW? You wouldn’t use scissors to mow a football field, would you? Your hands or the scissors wou...
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  • Knowledge of towels

    Knowledge of towels

    1. Cutting: towel production is down on both sides of the ring; In order to make the hand feel better and achieve good printing effect, so there is cut velvet. Cutting velvet is to cut off half of the fur ring to make a fluffy effect, so that the towel has the ideal prin...
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  • Company News

    Company News

    Recently, our company participated in the HEBEI PROVINCE CHAMBER OF E-COMMERCE to carry out the eighth "hundred regiment war" performance PK competition ended. The competition is organized spontaneously by small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in Hebei Provinc...
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  • Nano Ceramic coating applicator pad with microfiber suede cloth

                 The Ceramic coating applicator pad is a specialized Dual composition with Foam and EVA material designed for the application of high-end Nano glass and Ceramic coatings . Sturdy block with Ultra -soft black foam allows for even product distribution.coatings ...
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  • Microfiber Applicator Sponge pads car wash wax polish Detailing applicator

     Product Description This is a standard sized microfiber applicator pad. This microfiber wax applicator pad fits perfectly in your hand for general cleaning or applying coatings, conditioners, waxes, and protectants. The lightweight microfiber fabric of these car wax app...
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  • Microfiber towels are a must-have at home

    Microfibers can absorb up to seven times their own weight in dust, particles, and liquids. Each filament is 1/200 the size of a human hair. That's why microfibers are super cleaning. The gaps between the filaments can trap dust, oil, dirt, until washed away with water or...
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