Knowledge of towels

1. Cutting: towel production is down on both sides of the ring; In order to make the hand feel better and achieve good printing effect, so there is cut velvet. Cutting velvet is to cut off half of the fur ring to make a fluffy effect, so that the towel has the ideal printing conditions and delicate feel. Now foreign products are generally required to cut velvet; Because cutting velvet products after printing color clear, comfortable feel, and its disadvantage is that cutting velvet products will have a slight drop. Do not cut the product is printed on the pattern is not detailed, make the effect is not ideal, but the pattern is durable, do not worry about it will drop hair; But the feel is relatively poor.

2. Water absorption: why do some towels not water after the water? Do some towels suck water when they touch water? Because in the process of treating the towel, a kind of auxiliary agent is used: softener, which is a liquid, the towel will become very soft after passing through it. There are two kinds: one is absorbent; One is non-absorbent. The color of products produced by non-absorbent additives is relatively bright, as if the surface is coated with a layer of oil; So very thin very bright towel, water absorption is not so good.

3. Break: What is break? Is that you can see in the middle of the towel in addition to the wool ring, there is a large or small cloth, these towels are broken towels; Its workmanship can be protean; Can weave many, many patterns.

4. Jacquard: is in the towel can see some ring, some cloth file, these cloth file is lower than the ring; After the engineer's development process, these concave and convex show a variety of patterns and patterns. The process of this towel is more complex, the price is higher than ordinary towels; Because of the limitations of the process, only two colors can be matched, and other colors can only be matched by dyeing. The pattern is relatively simple.

5. Embroider: this is relatively a few simpler, use computer embroider to give all sorts of design on towel of good finished product that produce namely, the ornamental sex that raises towel and have certain added value to its do use.

Post time: Oct-27-2022