How do you identify microfiber towels

The true absorbent microfiber towel is made of polyester polyamide mixed in a certain proportion. After long-term research and experiments, the absorbent towel suitable for hair and beauty was made. The mixture ratio of polyester and nylon was 80:20. The sterilized towel made by this ratio not only had strong absorbency, but also ensured the softness and deformation of the towel. It is the optimum manufacturing ratio for disinfecting towels. However, there are many dishonest businesses on the market that pretend the pure polyester towel as microfiber towel, which can greatly reduce the cost. However, this towel is not absorbent and can not effectively absorb the water on the hair, so as to achieve the effect of dry hair. It doesn't even work as a hair towel.

In this small series for you to teach the identification of 100% microfiber towel authenticity method, for your reference.

1. Feel: The pure polyester towel feels a little rough, and you can obviously feel that the fibers on the towel are not meticulous and tight enough; Polyester polyfiber mixed microfiber towel is soft to the touch and does not sting. The appearance looks relatively thick and the fiber is tight.

2. Water absorption test: Lay the polyester towel and polyester brocade towel flat on the table, and pour the same water respectively. It takes a few seconds for the water on the pure polyester towel to fully penetrate into the towel. Lift the towel, most of the water has been left on the table; The moisture on the polyester towel is absorbed instantaneously and completely adsorbed on the towel, leaving no residue on the table. This experiment shows that polyester and brocade microfiber towel is the most suitable for hairdressing because of its super absorbent.

Through the above two methods can simply identify whether the towel is polyester brocade 80:20 mixed ratio towel.

Post time: Feb-13-2023