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You wouldnt use scissors to mow a football field, would you? Your hands or the scissors would give up long before you ran out MICROFIBER: DID YOU KNOW?

You wouldnt use scissors to mow a football field, would you? Your hands or the scissors would give up long before you ran out of grass to cut! When it comes to cleaning, using the wrong cloth can make the job just as tedious, painful, and frustrating as mowing with scissors. Save yourself time and frustration by investing in a wardrobeof microfiber for every cleaning need.主图2

Smooth and heavy, polishing cloths excel at removing smudges from mirrors, windows, eyeglasses, and other glossy or transparent surfaces. Theyre also very absorbent, so theyre great for drying fine crystal goblets, car windshields, or for polishing granite or marble counter tops. Use them on oven and microwave doors or stainless steel surfaces for extra shine.

Waffle weave microfiber is designed so you can dry a sink full of dishes, wring out the cloth, and dry another sink full. It is also great for any wet job washing and drying cars, boats, and motorcycles, drying the dog, or soaking up spilled soda with only one cloth. The non-scratch waffle texture also makes them good for any job that needs a little extra scrubbing power.


Multipurpose microfiber cloths are perfect to keep in the kitchen. Use dry to quickly wipe up spills or for dusting without worry of scratches. Dampen to easily wipe away messy food smears on cabinets and counter tops. You dont need to use a disinfectant just dampen with water and the cloth will trap germs until you wash them away in the laundry!

Dual Duty microfiber has a soft and fluffy side for drying and general cleaning and a ribbed side like corduroy for scrubbing. Use the ribbed side first to scrub away stuck on grime, then flip the cloth to wipe away the loosened mess. Dried grape jelly drips all the way from the counter to the table? Just discovered fossilized cat vomit behind the sofa? If you have pets or kids these cloths will be your favorite cleaning tool. Just dampen with hot water and scrub to remove the toughest messes.

Extra plush microfiber has a long nap that makes these cloths incredibly absorbent and soft. Use as luxurious hand towels or for drying babys delicate skin. They hold so much water they can even be used for shower-free bathing during camping trips. Just dip in warm soapy water for a downy-soft, thorough bath. If your hair is short you can even wash, rinse, and dry your hair with one cloth. Dip the cloth in warm water, soak your hair with it and apply shampoo, then dip the cloth again and soak your hair to rinse. Wring the cloth well and dry! They are excellent for any extra wet task. During the winter, keep one in the entry closet for quickly drying snowy foot prints when guest arrive.


Touchscreen cloths. They have a smooth side for polishing and a soft fluffy side for more serious cleaning. Use dry for smudges and dust or dampen slightly too easily wipe away stubborn gunk. Great for smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, eyeglasses, and any other smooth glossy surface. The small size is perfect for storing in an eyeglasses case.


Microfiber is easy to launder, too wash separately without chlorine bleach or fabric softener and tumble dry. Save yourself time by using the right cloth for the job!

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